Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Digital Learning in India is going to key face of Indian Society and Economy, Though digital learning is norm in western country, However, India is steep behind the trend, though significant caught up! Today we have digital platform where kids as well professionals using to learn digitally.

Current crisis has shown interest toward digital learning in private sector and majority of rural, semi rural as well urban are still lag behind the figure expected.

Below are few statistics of January, 2021:

Worldwide Internet Users: 4,787,356,570 (Nearly 4.8 Billion Users out of 7 Billion Population worldwide,  Google Searches Per Day:  4,262,581,906 (Nearly 4.2 Billion Per Day)

Modern consumer market has revolutionizing shift, Trend shows that India e-commerce will reach US$ 99 billion by 2024. FDI 100% is allowed in B2B E-commerce.

Government, Economy tends and business are focusing more on digital channel to buy or sell their product and service and it is acute shortfall of digital professional in India to meet the demand of India and world’s digital professional shortage and demand.

WENS Media a media vertical of Wensbridge International Services Pvt. Ltd. taken initiative to produce talented digital marketer to fill that shortfall with its proven methodology by its academy division.
Methodology to build a talented professional is a Journey starts from…

Basic Recap of Technology > Digital Technology Training > Face to Face Training Program > Hands on Simulation > Hands on Live Project > Field Training and Mentorship > Internship > Independent Practice > Job Offer within the company or Placement  Assistance.